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Depositphotos_6837845_sI have a bit of an issue, its hard to talk to friends about.

I don’t want to be  Debbie Downer…  But I’m lonely. I have friends and do things but there is no one special.  After a night out on the town or a movie I come home and am alone…it hurts…sorry to be so sappy.

I’m a relatively good looking guy, no major issues… minor ones of course ha-ha.  I feel I have a lot to give.  I see all the pictures of people getting married and it makes it worse.  I go on Grinder or Mister or other sites to meet people to date but they just want issues there…just want more.  I’m approaching 50, want to meet a nice guy around my age have a great life, travel, have fun.

Sometime the loneliness is crushing, I don’t want to hurt myself, but sometime wish I wasn’t here any more….thanks for listening.

Ethan P



You are not being a downer, being lonely is no fun, I can completely understand where you are at.  First of all, finding a soulmate and long term lover is not easy, but conversely it’s not rocket science.  The simple equation is to meet someone like yourself, who is looking for something more than a quick trick or weekend romance  you should look where they congregate.  Grindr and Mister are, on the whole, hook up sites, I am not saying that they will not find success but mainly finding a forever friendship that lasts longer than milk  does in the fridge is quite rare (but not impossible)  Start researching dating sites popular in your area which have a focus on relationships, there are plenty to choose from.  

Also joining more social groups and widening your friendship circle. it’s all too easy to keep doing the same stuff with the same people, so much so you may not meet anyone new in quite some time.  New friendships can lead to relationships or at least an introduction to more new and interesting people who you may find a connection with. 

It can feel a bit of a slog making new connections, there is no finite time period or formula to say after this period of time you will find your forever man, however making contact with more people and forging more friendships will help you feel less alone and isolated.   


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